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1. Students of our college participate in inter collegiate football tournament and athletics meet every year organized by Government of W.B. This year (2010-11) our football team secured 1st position in the district level competition.

2. Our students also participate in the Youth Parliament and Quiz contest organized by Government of W.B.

3. The students participate in various activities like Plantation, blood donation, Pulse Polio Programme etc. They organize seminars on different social awareness matters on regular basis. The major external activities of the college are looked after by our N.S.S volunteers and the campus society committee. Regular literacy classes are held in two of the adopted villages by the volunteers of N.S.S units. Prof. Kinkar Kumar Ghosh is in charge of such activities.

4. Students of our college participate in the two well organized wings of N.C.C, where boys and girls epitomize discipline, obedience and aspiration. For the last few years their performances have been appreciated by the N.C.C officials. As mark of reorganization, our N.C.C unit has secured first place in Republic Day Parade where all major schools and colleges of the district vie for superiority over one another